Do you print two photo strips?
In less than ten seconds, two 2” x 6” strips will print out for you and your
guest(s). On our Traditional Booth.
Our Open Air and Fish Eye Booth will print multiple copies! (1 for everyone in the booth!
Our professional attendant will be on hand to assist with separating your photo strips to ensure you capture each memory.

Are the Photos Unlimited?
Of Course! Unlimited prints are included in all packages. Guests will have plenty of time to create their perfect pics!

Can I customize a message or logo on each photo strip?
Absolutely! We’ll include, at no charge, a professional design to match your wedding colors, themes, invitation, etc. We want your Photo Booth strips to be another added detail of your event!

Can I close the booth during dinner?
Yes, we can set up the booth for cocktail hour and close it for dinner. Any booth downtime is charged as idle time at a rate of $75/hour. However, this idle time does not count toward your hours of unlimited photo use.

Will someone from Epic Entertainment be at our event?
Yes! Our professional attendant will come dressed in formal wear and will set up and remove the photo booth. Our attendants are always on hand to ensure the photo booth experience is perfect and to help your guests with any other assistance or questions they have.

What is required in order to reserve the booth?
We require a $150 deposit in order to reserve your date. We understand that plans change, so we are happy to offer a seven-day refund period. Should you decide that you will not use the photo booth, just let us know within seven days of making your deposit and we’ll refund your deposit.

How much room do you need for the photo booth?
Our booth set up requires approximately 10’ x 10’ of space.

How do your prices compare to the competition?
Epic Entertainment takes pride in offering the highest quality entertainment
and photos at a reasonable price. While you may find vendors with lower prices, you may not receive the same level of service and quality that an Epic Entertainment photo booth provides. We understand the importance of your special event and we are here to provide a flawless experience for you and your guests with state-of-the-art equipment and all-inclusive photo packages.

Do you do Corporate Events?
Corporate events are just one of the many types of events where you’ll find Epic Entertainment photo booths. Give us a call to discuss your upcoming corporate event today!

How far in advance to we have to book?
We recommend booking your photo booth as soon as possible to ensure availability. Certain dates do fill up quickly. We are happy to check availability for you any time!

How long does it take for the photos to print?
The photos print in approximately 10 seconds. Generally, by the time guests are out of the booth, the images have already printed.

We already have a photographer, why do we need a photo booth?
We get this question a lot! You absolutely need a photographer to take pictures of the event itself (mostly weddings), however an Epic Entertainment photo booth provides an unprecedented amount of entertainment for your guests. The photo booth allows your guests to let loose, be silly, and just have fun! The photos you keep are an incredible reminder of your special event. When you see Grandma wearing a feather boa and blowing kisses into the camera, you will know it was worth it!

What type of printer do you use?
We use a Lab Quality Sublimation Dye Printer. This means we give you
exceptionally high-quality photos that will last a lifetime. Don’t be fooled by
other companies that use Inkjet printers, they can smudge on your clothes, look grainy, and take up to a minute to print.

How can we share the photos with our family and friends?
We will upload all the photos to our online gallery where your friends and family can download them for free, tag them to Facebook, or order more prints easily.

Limo Bus Questions… We know you have them!

Do you Charge for travel?

 Nope! Travel is included to all locations with in 100 miles from 62626.

Do We need to bring coolers?

Nope again! We have built in ice chest on the bus that will be filled with ice and ready for your trip! This saves room and provides a safer ride!

Speaking of safety, are you DOT certified? 
We take this very serious, and the answer is absolutely! We have all the proper documentation and certifications as well as proper insurance to make sure everyone is with in stat regulations. We are certified to go across state lines with no issues.

How about music? Do we need to provide that? 
You can, however, all of our buses have built in iPads with our entire DJ library on them. We want your event to be EPIC so, we can cover the music!  We can even do a custom playlist if you let us know with in a week of your event!

Is the drivers tip included? 
No, it is not. Although we do pay our drivers a commutative salary, we feel it is up to your discretion to tip them what you feel is necessary. If they did great, let them know! If they didn’t do so great…. Let US know! 🙂

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